Tea ceremony with Darja Kawasumi

Darja Kawasumi invites you to a Tea ceremony with kaiseki food in an authentic setting above the Miyabi restaurant in ryuurei style.

You will have a special chance to enjoy Misonodana table ryuurei arrangement of the coplete Tea ceremony. You will sit comfortably on chairs at low tables, so that your feet do not hurt. Such a feast lasts three hours, sometimes longer. Darja will choose stylish tools for you, will serve you, will entertain you and finally will ceremoniously prepare matcha tea. The date and time must be arranged long in advance, as there is a lot of to design and prepare.T.

If you want to see Darja’s world and art of the Tea ceremony, you can click here. It is a recording from an internet Tea ceremony in which Darja celebrated the 25th anniversary of Miyabi. It is in Czech and Japanese.

The special feast of the coplete Tea ceremony is for a maximum of five people. Price:

2 persons   6 000,-
3 persons   8 000,-
4 persons 10 000,-
5 persons 12 000,-

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