Vir - Vír - Výr: what they mean to me

Dear Miyabi guests, dear friends, dear well-wishers! Like the rain drops hitting window sill, the words vir, vír, výr are popping in my mind. I don’t practice Czech grammar, I just think about how my life has changed in the last three months. Vir (virus) fortunately bypassed me or did I avoided the vir? who knows …., The vír (vortex) has drawn me in, and I am here with the new Miyabi web, implementing in payment gateway and QR code. And výr (eagle owl)? He shouts into the night. Does he want me to be afraid or does he give me courage? I do not know. He is said to be a symbol of wisdom and looks straight into our eyes. Wisdom? I just guess what it may be, but to look straight into people’s eyes as owl does, and communicate so that my voice and my vision are unmistakably heard, that I can try. Thanks to the work of vír (vortex). Yes, me, the literally and Tea ceremony oriented Darja, has assigned myself to modern electronics! Hope I will get along well with internet so that I am able to send you news via my Miyabi blog and other media about what is beautiful in the Japanese culture and gastronomy and what is worth further exploration. I look forward to occasionally having a nice friendly meeting in Miyabi’s new Zen house with you. Miyabi is entering a new quarter of a century, and I would very much like my lifelong pursuit of hospitality to make Miyabi a pleasant home for anyone who wants to come.

Yours, Miyabi Darja

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