Our Story

Miyabi opened in 1995 by Darja Kawasumi, a Japanist and Tea ceremony lover, with a clear vision to introduce Czech gourmets to the magic of Japanese cuisine, introduce Japanese aesthetics and bring to the restaurant business as much as possible the ideal of japanese hospitality omotenashi. Darja drew inspiration from the tea ceremony that has shaped her personality for more than forty years. The topic of hospitality is not only the academic topic of her two dissertations in the field of intercultural and interfaith communication, but it is above all to serve with joy and love . It all has become Darja’s life assignment.

Japanese gastronomy has become a world treasure recognized by UNESCO, which is of course a great challenge and a great responsibility for Miyabi in Prague. Miyabi builds on its rich experience of more than twenty-five years of operation and on creative collaboration with Japanese professionals. Miyabi wants to continue to be a spark in the heart of the stone city of Prague, igniting experiences and fascinations that will not be forgotten.

On the windows of Miyabi, which lead to the street, there are large etchings of the ČaJ logo from the hand of the world graphic artist Aleš Najbrt. “Č” represents Bohemia (Čechy) and the Tea ceremony of Cha-no-ju, “J” is Japan. The little “a” is the creator of Miyabi Darja Kawasumi as a link that calls for new content and calls for friendship and reciprocity through a simple thing – good food and drink, prepared with skill and sincere mind.

The graphic shape of the ČaJ logo resembles the letter “Y”, which forms the central syllable of the Miyabi logo – thus connecting the vision with the name. Miyabi means style and elegance referring to the beauty of traditional Kyoto, which does not want to get stuck, but enriched with new knowledge and new dreams.

The architectural environment of Miyabi is designed so that one feels part of everything around. It is created to find peace and to relax. Harmony, purity, respect and serenity are the basic elements of the philosophy of the Japanese Tea ceremony, and Miyabi founder Darja Kawasumi promotes these principles in Miyabi in the selection of aesthetic accessories, in floral decoration, in the creation and serving of food and in everything what goes on there.

Come and be served!

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