Japanese hospitality

Part of Miyabi’s vision has always been to convey to guests the best of Japanese culture, because Japanese food is inextricably linked to the Japanese experience. The Japanese have beautiful customs, such as the celebration of girls, when a puppet of Princess Ohinasama with a prince is exhibited, or the celebration of boys during the Tango no Sekku festival. Boys and men should identify with the strength and courage of samurai or Japanese fluttering Koinobori carp. In April, people admire sakura flowers. Looking at the flowers has its word – hanami. Summer is associated with hanabi fireworks and autumn with watching the moon tsukimi. The most important holiday of the year is Oshógatsu – New Year. In Miyabi, to celebrate, we beat omochi rice cakes in a large wooden bowl and write our resolutions with a giant brush. Each season has its typical products. People honor and admire them.

In Miyabi, therefore, we prepare lunch obento from seasonal ingredients every day, and for each season we create a multi-course kaiseki menu of high gastronomy in beautiful pottery that complete the atmosphere. We express our respect for the course of the year and we look forward to surprise our guests and confront them with new and extraordinary gastronomic experiences. Japanese cuisine is a completely healthy cuisine. The food is a gastronomic feast and a game of taste buds as well as a joyous feast for the eyes and mind. Both prolong age! The uniqueness of Japanese cuisine is that it emphasizes maintaining maximum freshness, emphasizing the original properties of ingredients such as shape, color, aroma, taste, character of the season and the art of making the unique flavors stand out with appropriate treatment. The umami taste is very much implemented, which will help the products to emphasize their natural taste and prolong the taste sensation of the eater. Umami is said to be the fifth taste. In Japanese, umami means good taste, because umai as an adjective means good, tasty, delicious. Yes excellent! Japanese dishes well prepared from good ingredients and well presented are delicious. Miyabi addresses you:

Come and be served!

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