The Other Face of Miyabi

The Other Face of Miyabi (JTM) is a forum for friendship between Czechs and Japanese. Miyabi occasionally opens its premises, where there is otherwise a restaurant, for free meeting of Czechs interested in Japanese culture and Japanese living in the Czech Republic, and anyone from other parts of the world who wants to be enriched by Japanese aesthetics. The date is announced 14 days in advance and can be found on the Miyabi and Facebook pages.

Darja Kawasumi, the founder of Miyabi, thus fulfills her vision of hospitality by eating and drinking, where friendship is born. A large banquet table is ready and it is filled with goodies by those who come. Some bring a sake, some bring a ready meal, some bring sweets, and everyone shares. There are always presentations of various kinds, small exhibitions or workshops on the program. There is always a Tea ceremony. It’s a must, because it is Darja’s love and role in her life journey. The ceremony is either on the tatami or at the table, and whoever wants to be the host of the day can sit in front of the utensils and make tea. Darja prepares everything needed for selected types of Tea ceremony. In the same way, Miyabi prepares glasses and plates. And as people come, they get involved and become co-creators of the party. Some arrive on JTM for whole duration, some only come for a while. All are welcome.


It is important to get to know each other! The JTM opportunity will help people not only to find the recent trends in both cultures, but also specifically recognize who is doing what and in what one excels in. We have been meeting like this for more than three years and we are happy that a society of friends who know each other and want to meet in Miyabi has gradually been formed.


If you are going to JTM for the first time, do not worry that you will not fit into the company of others. Everyone is welcome! Older, younger, teenagers and parents with children are coming. Do you know the Japanese word Goen? It’s said, “goen desu ne”, and it means something like “we met and it was supposed to be that way and it’s so good”.

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