NEWSLETTER 13.6.2024

Dear guests, dear friends!

Time flies, it is June and soon the summer vacation time will begin. Have you decided where to go? Before you leave for your trips, please come to Miyabi to enjoy some time with us. In a way it is a trip to a distant country – adventure to Japan.

You can have a great gastronomic pleasure with us on 18 June, which is International Sushi Day. We will let our creativity run wild and make some unusual crazy sushi for that occasion. International Sushi Day deserves some extra joy, right? You might be surprised that Sushi Day is in June and not only in November, as we have celebrated it in Miyabi for many years with our Sushi tabehoudai evenings. The November celebration originated in Japan and the June one, added, has its lobby in the international sushi community. Sushi is conquering the world! You will find sushi restaurants everywhere on your summer travels, and please be careful when choosing – some may not be of high quality, even those right by the sea.

I’ve been thinking about all sorts of crazy sushi for a long time and I’m embarking on this adventure with courage and excitement. And because the Japanese idea of UTSUSHI resonates in me since the visit of the tea master Mr. Nakazawa last month, I gave my new sushi items a collective name Utsukushii Utsushi Sushi. Please don’t break your tongue. Utsukushii means pretty, beautiful, and utsushi means appropriation, emulation, attribution or inspiration, but rather all of it. Utsushi item is not the original, yet it is a creation worthy of the original. Somehow. It comes from something that sparks an idea and a desire, to have what already exists, but we want to create and enjoy it in a new way and in our context of things. We just make it on our terms and circumstances, but with an understanding that in Utsushi, the original has to be there at the same time. A little bit. Sometimes a lot. Like in Mr. Nakazawa’s teacup, teacup that was Raku but it was Raku of a contemporary artist, different from all the Raku I’ve ever seen and yet yes, it was Raku.

Now I don’t know if I’ve disoriented you or convinced you to try our new crazy sushi. What kind of sushi am I thinking about? Should I disclose all? I’d rather not. Anyway for sure you can look forward to a new roll with foie gras tempura, an exotic roll with summer fruit, or a roll alike our Prague nigiri. You can also try original nigiri with neta in white and red on a decorative silver trivet – note that I’m not telling you in this case the essentials. Although the important things is that white and red are the colors of festive occasions, and International Sushi Day certainly is a great opportunity to celebrate.

Having this International Sushi Day in June, we are coming with a nice offer for you to buy our “Sushi – eat as much as you want” at a discount during the week of 18.6. to 24.6. on the server Firma na zážitky. Plus, extra special, with these coupons you will receive from Miyabi a special gift: two of the craziest pieces from our Utsukushii Utsushi Sushi menu. You can purchase the cupons HERE.

So mark the date June 18 on your calendar and make your table reservation quickly. We’ll add an extra day or days if there’s a lot of interest. Ask at the bar.

And about Utsushi. Some of you may have already tasted Takoyaki Utsushi also called Darja Sushiyaki. They’re not made with wheat flour and there’s no octopus, but they are round a little as takoyaki should be. And most importantly, they taste like takoyaki. I was not able to chase away from my mind the idea of this crazy dish. The base is futomaki sushi roll. Quite healthy. Our homemade tonkatsu sauce will make it so tasty and you’ll say: Oh, this is good!

Takoyaki is a street food, so our Takoyaki Utsushi is similar. It’s a small dish and might make you happy as an appetizer or a treat sometime in the afternoon when you need to take a break and eat something quick. Remember Miyabi is open in the afternoon also and remember it is wonderful to sit outside in our summer garden under summer umbrellas.

A very different dish than takoyaki is our new kaiseki offer – Natsu kaiseki in design boxes. I picked the boxes for you during my trip to Japan in January and I really like them. Guests who have already tried the summer kaiseki have been delighted. It’s refreshing yet very nutritious. We used several types of fish and sea products. The standout ingredient is anago, a sea eel, made like yakizakana with Maldon salt so that the flavor of this great fish from Japan is not lost in the unagi sauce. We also have a summer dessert – summer youkan with pomegranate seeds, fruit and mint.

Also mark your calendars for July 1-14, when Miyabi will have a company holiday, so that our employees can also take trips with their families and friends wherever they want. The good news is that we will use the time to replace our old tatami with new ones. The smell of igusa grass will impress you as well as the pleasantly greenish color of the new mats.

So see you soon at Miyabi!

Your Miyabi Darja

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