Autumn speciality

When you say hagi, the image of a beautiful cup from a ceramic place called Hagi immediately pops into my mind. Hagiyaki. Pottery that is fired in Hagi. If you own a Hagi tea cup, please take picture and send it to Miyabi friends to share. I will post it. When we talk about hagiyaki and Tea ceremony, we are not far from a sweet hagi, which is not made of clay, but of mochi rice. It’s a Japanese cake, dessert. Wagashi. When drinking matcha tea, hagi balls may taste great, but hagi is more of a folk sweet than an object for Tea ceremony. In any case, it is a dessert that is very suitable for autumn days, when the cold rubs under the skin. And that’s right now! Hagi fills you, hagi makes you warm. They are brown oval cakes. They have interesting character – they combine the not too sweet taste of well-cooked and slightly crushed mochi rice with the very sweet taste of cooked azuki beans. Do you know azuki? Azuki beans are considered a super food. They are very beneficial to health. The best azuki is said to be from Hokkaido. People in Japan have eaten Azuki since ancient times. Definitely in the time of Yayoi. Interestingly, azuki was the first product to be scientifically modified and cultivated in Japan. The Japanese wanted to have the best little beans and in the best red color. The “A” in the word azuki comes from the fact that they are red beans. And red color is said to bring joy and happiness in Japan. That’s why red azuki beans are used for a festive rice dish called sekihan. The composition is the same – mochi rice and azuki – but this meal is not a dessert but a main dish. At the end of the month, we will celebrate Czech statehood, so how about preparing sekihan in Miyabi? We will. But now let us think about this week offer, when you can taste Miyabi hagi wagashi for strengthening your health and bringing you good luck. They will be ready for take away. They will be four in a box and will cost 160 CZK. May our hagis make your soul warm!


Yours, Miyabi Darja

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