Dear guests! Miyabi high-quality sushi know-how has been built with significant help of Master Masayoshi Kazato and Master Tadayoshi Ebina. Mr. Kazato and his colleagues from the All-Japan Sushi Association, Masters Yoshida and Matsuda, came at the invitation of Miyabi to help with special Benefit Dinner after the disastrous flood in Prague in 2002. The dinner took place in Lucerna. All three continued to help Miyabi by inviting several of our chefs to Japan for apprenticeship. Mr. Ebina, also member of the same Japanese sushi organization, worked in Miyabi for several years. He established important hygienic habits in fish preparation for Miyabi. I met him in the USA, where he worked in the now Michelin-starred restaurant Sushi Taro. The owner of this restaurant, Master Nobuhiro Yamazaki, is a longtime supporter of Miyabi. Our chefs also trained in his restaurant. All of these people have co-created and are co-creating the annual all-American sushi competition at the Sakura Festival in Washington DC, and I have also had the opportunity to help with this competition and accompanying events. I have gained great deal of experience and inspiration which not only help me maintaining a good standard of sushi in Miyabi, but also designing new sushi with new ingredients. Miyabi presented herself internationally when we participated in the International Creative Sushi Competition in the Japanese city of Shizuoka. We received second award for our Prague nigiri. The jury appreciated that we marinated tuna in Czech black beer, put on its slice a hardened whipped cream with horseradish, miso with beer essence and apple slices. We made good use of local Japanese ingredients and ingredients of our own country and culture, as was the task of the competition. Please try! You may also taste my Ume vege maki and Yuzukoshou vege maki, where instead of fish there is vege gelatin from konnyaku bulb. I wish you good appetite, your Darja Kawasumi

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