Who Darja chose for the interior design of Miyabi?

He was academic architect Vít Máslo, then co-owner of an avant-garde architectural studio and now a renowned architect of international significance. He was thrilled with Darja as a progressive investor. Darja was enthusiastic about Vítek because he was passionate about new inspirations and at the same time shared with Darja the feeling for preserving the dispositions of a century-old apartment building in Prague 1.

Both wanted to make Czech skills visible. The ČaJ logo therefore also worked in the architectural assignment. Darja wanted Japanese elements to be combined with what is valuable in the Czech Republic. She came up with an unusual assignment, yet she had a solid Japanese experience and she knew what she wanted. She was willing to invest money to experimental solutions. Together, they searched for craftsmen of fine professions, such as stonemasons for paving castles or plasterers with gold slices, and chose material such as Czech granite or slate. The stepping stones are from the confluence of the Elbe and Vltava rivers. From the very beginning, Miyabi was to be a harmony of sharing, where friendship is born.

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