Join the celebrations on 17th May

Dear guests of Miyabi! Friends!

When I opened my restaurant Miyabi in 1995, cloth carp fluttered from the balcony as they do now. It was May 5th. Boy’s Day.

In Japan Boys’ Day and Children’s Day are celebrated the same day, May 5th. Fluttering carps symbolize strength and courage. And also health and family cohesion. Black carp is dad, mom is red and children are blue and pink. All these values find new content in our hearts today.

Miyabi means the style and elegance of old Kyoto, an elegance that longs for a new beautiful experience. I am glad that in twenty-five years, a family of friends has developed around Miyabi who accept Miyabi’s work and vision with thanks and praise. Kore kara mo ganbarimasu! We will continue to strive.

The anniversary is to be celebrated even if the time does not fit for celebrations. We in Miyabi  decided to celebrate. We have prepared not only a new offer of a birthday cake (from 4 to 10 May), but also an invitation to an internet Tea ceremony, where I will be your host.

For the ceremony we will equip you in Miyabi with a small wagashi, but of course you will have to make your own tea to it. As soon as it will again be possible to meet in person, I will surely offer you also tea.

Internet Tea ceremony to celebrate Miyabi’s birthday will be held on May 17 from 5 pm on this link

From Sunday, May 10, we will also be open on Sundays (5 pm – 8 pm).

From Monday, May 11, we will open a summer garden for you in Miyabi.


Darja Kawasumi and the Miyabi restaurant team

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