Christmas gift for Japanese food lovers

mentaiko, japanese spicy cod roe

Why is tarako a great gift for Christmas? 

I have an idea for you what to give for Christmas as a gift. Tarako. It’s so valuable! The wrapping itself is good. The box contains 198 grams of tara delicacy. You may already know what tarako can be. Caviar! Tarako is salted roe from Japanese tara cod. It is also called mentaiko, which is from the Korean word, because this special raw material is very popular in Korea. Tara fish are caught in the northern seas. For example, in Hokkaido or Alaska. Tarako. Ko means, of course, a child. 

This tarako goodie is worth tasting. You can spread tarako on toast and bake it lightly with cheese, spaghetti tarako are also great, but I prefer a tarako scoop on freshly cooked rice. Tarako is beautifully red and the rice is beautifully white and the two colors and especially the two tastes go beautifully together. Tarako is classy. And not only classy, it is very healthy. Tarako is even recommended as a supportive substance for the good development of newborns. Tarako can also improve brain function. It contains vitamin A, riboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxine, ascorbic acid and folic acid, the equivalent of niacin, as well as vitamin E. In tarako you will find calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, molybdenum and fluorine. This list has weight! Tarako cleanses blood vessels and adds beauty to skin. 


Sando is a sandwich like a condominium condo. 

Before you decide on a gift, you may want to taste the tarako first. You have a unique opportunity to do that right now in Miyabi. I just opened a box of tarako and we will prepare Tarako Sando this weekend in Miyabi. See offer of all sando here

Sando is a beautiful Japanese word that was originally foreign – sandwich. Sandwich in Czech is just a phonetic pronunciation, but in Japanese it is more complicated because Japanese have to work with syllables. They just re-syllable everything. SaNDoWiChi. And because it’s long and it’s hard to pronounce, there was good reason to do something with the word. So it was shortened. The Japanese like to cut short foreign words and they also like to take dishes from foreign cuisines. No wonder they imported good English sandwiches. The Japanese came to love sandwich right away. Tonkatsu sando with fried pork cutlet is especially famous. So good! The Japanese quickly made sandwiches their typical Japanese food by putting something in between rice. Sando is actually similar to sushi. It is even more similar to classic onigiri balls, it’s actually the same. The advantage of sando is that you don’t have to worry about what you put between the rice. Just as a good sandwich contains some raw vegetables such as iceberg lettuce or cucumber, great rice sando can contain raw carrots, radishes or even baby spinach or various sprouts. We in Miyabi chose a slightly bitter arugula for our vege sando. Rice sando is great! So modern! 


Kondo sando. Tarako Sando. 

By now you maybe have decided for tarako to buy for Christmas as a present and you may also know what to order next time from Miyabi. Next time. In Japanese they say Kondo. Kondo Sando. This does not mean a dream condominium on a sandy beach, but a sandwich. 

Yes, next time in Miyabi we will serve you our good rice sandwich. The best is Tarako Sando. 

Yours, Miyabi Darja


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