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I don’t know why I perceive a kind of magic in the idea that someone is packing something or someone is packing something for someone. Tobacco in paper or flower in cellophane. Packed, it’s kind of better. More useful, more beautiful, more ostentatious. Maybe that’s why I was so excited about packing/wrapping various goodies into sushi cones. With own hands. And with friends. I overcame my fear that I would not be able to make sushi well. If you want, allow yourself a similar adventure with sushi. Miyabi will help you. As a housewife, I was never sure that I would shape or cut sushi well. I certainly wouldn’t have a sharp enough knife, the roll would fall apart and I also asked – would I be able to make those beautiful shapes for everyone at the table in time? Sushi professionals argued that first the chef must at least five years, twelve hours a day, wrap maki and cut them, and then perhaps he can appear in front of the guest, make nigiri and entertain the guest. Of course only if he has the proper talent of a sushi master. Fortunately, you don’t need any of that for cone sushi making. You can be an inexperienced beginner who has the right Shoshin, and your homemade sushi party will be great. And you don’t even have to show off and entertain, all you have to do is organize everything well.

Men and women in the world of sushi

Until recently, they claimed in Japan that only men could make sushi, and moreover, only those men who had the right sweat in their hands, which tasted good. The truth is that most sushi masters are men, but here and there in the world and even in Japan, even very capable women have stood at the professional sushi counter. They even opened their – sometimes quite famous – sushi shops Sushiya. The belief that women are not suitable for sushi because they have a higher body temperature is greatly eroded today. True, in some places sushi shops are more famous thanks to women, who do not make sushi, but let sushi be served on their beautiful female bodies. Miyabi has also been asked for such a service. Well, I answered No.  That time I had to look on the internet for what the guest actually wanted. And also now, as I am writing this blog, I investigated the hashtag Sushi woman. An inexhaustible number of photos of women and sushi jumped out at me. Both ticklish and serious. It’s probably a tempting topic I understood. Sushi is considered a beauty and beautiful women add charm to it. It is probably no longer “in” to associate rough-looking men with sushi mastery. Now comes a century of ordinary sushi male hard workers, overshadowed by an inspiring sushi master with female vitality. Even in Pardubice there is a slim young lady who profiles herself as a sushi professional.

Sushi feast with temaki sushi

So, whether you are a man or a woman, have a sushi feast with us. After all, anyone can have a beginner’s heart. Miyabi has decided to prepare Sushi Kit for you, where you will have everything you need so that you do not have to buy various ingredients in e-shops and also you do not have to worry about the quality of fish fillets. We will provide rice with a recipe for how to cook it, vinegar dressing with instructions on how to work it in while not breaking the rice. We will cut nori for you and show you figuratively how to pack cones. We will process fresh fish for you. And most importantly, we will advise you on what to offer guests to put in their sushi cones. Yes, you can hear well in their cones, because they will wrap them themselves. You will just prepare everything in the kitchen – you will put the ready made rice in a bowl, nori on a plate and wasabi in a small container. Strips of fish, tofu, vegetables, and if you want, even strips of sausage or ham, you can place for instance on a large decorative board. You may decide to put all you offer in the middle of the table to make it look beautiful. You can arrange flowers or green leaves from vegetables between the plates and you will have a dinning setting like from a food styling professional. When everyone sits down at the table, you may first demonstrate, how to make a sushi cone – take nori in your hand, add rice, spread wasabi, put in a filling of your choice and wrap nicely your temaki. That’s what this type of sushi is called. “Te” is for hand and “maki” is – you probably know, it’s something wrapped. Maki sushi. Rolls. Be careful not to put too much rice in the cone so that everything holds up well and the piece can be eaten for two, three, four bites. Nigiri were said to be measured by the length of the tongue and temaki? we can measure them according to the circumference and volume of the mouth. The procedure is so simple and the wrapping is so pleasant that everyone immediately starts their temaki, the fun starts and everyone has a good time. The host does not have to worry about anything, she or he can be at the table with the guests and enjoy the banquet just like everyone else. Isn’t that nice?

Two types of Miyabi Sushi Kit

We will prepare two types of sushi kit, one with cooked flavored sushi rice Nama Sushi Kit and the other sushi kit Han Sushi Kit, where the rice will be in a dry state and we will add Miyabi sour sauce for it. Of course a recipe for how to cook rice will be included in the kit. Everything else will be the same. Wondering why we offer the second option? You ask well. That’s because there is nothing better than the freshly prepared sushi rice. When sushi rice stands for a long time or when someone puts sushi rice in the fridge or even freezes it, then the rice looses a lot – is harder, has no shining beauty – it just isn’t really good rice. As for fish or other ingredients you can put them in the fridge and they will be OK.

And if you are not sure about the preparation, I can offer to assist you at your banquet through ZOOM. That is, if you don’t mind to have me at your table. Let me known. We can even arrange a collective ZOOM feast including the practice of cooking rice, where I will be your advisor and companion. The motto is: The right palms for sushi.

Information about Sushi Kit will be on our website from January 28 and the offer will be on sale from January 30.

Yours, Miyabi Darja

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