but we are in full service for you

s sebou take away

Our garden is finally open, so is the take away window. You can enjoy your meal outside or you can ask for delivery of our food.

Where can I find the lunch menu and the current menu?

  • on – lunch menu and News from Miyabi
  • on the e-shop
  • on the menu
  • on our Wolt website
  • on our Onemenu page

How do I order food?

How do I pay?

  • electronically via e-shop
  • by cash or by credit card at the window
  • electronically via Wolt
  • electronically via Onemenu

How does food get to me?

  • You can pick up all meals directly at the restaurant with a 10 % discount
  • Via the Onemenu application. Payment is by card through a payment gateway. The minimum order amount for delivery is CZK 750, the price of import throughout Prague is CZK 69.
  • Via the Wolt application. Payment is by card through a payment gateway. Information on the delivery area can be found at, import price from CZK 39.

This year’s motto for us is “Shoshin Wasureru Bekarazu”. It means that we cann´t  allow ourselves to forget our beginners’ hearts.

Yours, Miyabi Darja

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